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Rising to the Challenge!


The final full week of the academic year started with a theme of rising to challenges today as the children from Year Three ventured out of school on a fantastic trip to Belchamps. Throughout the day the children had to face a number of challenges and teamwork really was the word of the day. The children wore harnesses and climbed a series of towers, poles and crates, encouraging each other to keep on trying their best. At the end of the afternoon there was the chance to gather around the fire and sing a range of camping songs. It was a great day which all of the children enjoyed.

Meanwhile, back in school, the morning started with the children in KS1 learning about the moon landing, and its 50th anniversary, in assembly. Mr B had the help of some volunteers to talk about the challenge and achievement of the mission and the children discussed how they might have felt if they had ventured to the moon. The assembly ended with the children deciding that they may be in the midst of the first female to walk on the moon as some of the girls decided that they may become astronauts of the future!

As the day progressed, Mrs Cox was assisted by a number of children from Year Four to help clean out the ducklings cage. The birds had grown considerably over the weekend and enjoyed plenty of cuddles with the children as they got used to being handled. At lunchtime the children in Year One continued to prepare for life in Year Two, today by eating their lunch over at the Woodland Diner. The children behaved beautifully in their new surroundings and the Midday Assistants were proud of them.

In the afternoon the children in 6MC and 6J enjoyed some great games of cricket, hot on the heels of yesterdays thrilling final, whilst the children in Year Four continued to create booklets about apartheid. After school Mrs Brock hosted another gardening club over in the allotment.