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Terrific Transition!


It was  the end of another busy week at Earls Hall today. The morning saw our usual ‘Celebration Assemblies’ take place where we congratulated the weeks ‘Earls Hall Stars’ for individual effort and achievement and also presented certificates for reading races and times table achievements. A special congratulations was given to Conall from Year Six who was awarded as a bikeability ambassador! Well done to all of the children rewarded today, we are proud of you.

The morning saw this years school council meet for the last time. At the meeting the team reflected on the impact that they had had on the school since September. They listed that they had…

  • Edited the KS2 canteen and made it better.
  • Renamed the canteen.
  • Checked and made sure KS1 have a lovely lunch experience.
  • Chosen and successfully raised awareness of WWF and why it is important.
  • Planned and delivered two assemblies about WWF.
  • Introduced new children to the school.
  • Been part of the interview process for our deputy head Mrs Crouch.
  • Addressed worries from the ‘Dont Worry Box’
  • We have worked together with the green team to make the school greener.
  • Raised money for the WWF charity during economic well being week.
  • Welcomed new staff to the school.
  • Thought of new rules for the canteen.

They also fed-back our classes ideas for lost property. They discussed the advantages of the different options.

Later in the day Mr B was helped by a group of kind children to weed the garden area by the Woodland Diner and by the Foundation Stage path. The children worked as a team and did a brilliant job! Well done children, we are proud of you!

Year Two & Year Three had a really fun time playing games together at their sports carousel.  The children in year Two were mixed up with Year Three children to play a range of games.  Mrs Barnes was encouraging cooperation with the parachute games, Miss Childs was getting the children super fit and encouraging children to cheer each other on with her circuit training, Mrs Draycott was developing teamwork, and friendly competitiveness, with a game of cups and saucers, Mrs Howard was facilitating interaction between the children by getting Year Twos to pick Year Threes and vice versa with her Duck, Duck, Goose game, Mr Martin Was promoting teamwork and tactics with his ‘raid the nest game’ and Mr Cann was pleased to see children working together in over, under relay races.  All children had the opportunity to play four out of the six games and judging by the cheering, smiles and positive comments , we think they all had a wonderful time!

There was more fun outside as the children in Year One enjoyed special playtimes in their class groups for September. The children were supported by transition prefects to interact with each other in order to develop new friendships across the classes.

Meanwhile, outside again, the children in 6MC investigated how sound travels whilst the children in Year five played Quick Cricket with Mr Smith.

Down the road at Priory Park the children in Willow visited the Priory museum before enjoying ice creams which they bought with their profits from last weeks ‘Economic Wellbeing Fair’. After school Mrs Smith held another ‘Angling Club’ where the children worked together to catch a range of fish.

There was the opportunity for two governor meetings today. Mrs Ham, who recently left the governing body after relocating, visited the school and met with some Year Six children in order to reflect on their time at Earls Hall whilst, in the afternoon, the ‘Learning Ambassadors’ for the week met with Mrs Irwin to discuss the learning which has taken place across the week.