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Readers & Riders!

thur 27

The week at school continued to be a busy one! Whilst the second half of Year Three enjoyed a trip to the ‘Forum’ library, the children in Year One had an exciting start to their day. Rabbits, Squirrels and Woodpeckers have been┬áreading ‘Traction Man and Turbo Dog’ and today they explored one of the scenes from the story where Traction Man rescued his sidekick scrubbing brush from a bin. The children investigated the contents of a bin that Traction Man had sent to find nouns and adjectives which they will later use in order to create sentences and a poem full of adjectives and description. The bins contents included some vegetable peelings and so in the afternoon the children practised peeling fruits and vegetables.

Meanwhile, in the Foundation Stage, the children used the Early Years garden and enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen, creating large constructions using the wooden bricks and planks, throwing, batting and catching and riding the scooters and bikes.

In Hawks the children spent the afternoon developing their weaving skills using paper and wool and in Oak the children developed their sewing skills.

Mr B had a lovely afternoon listening to children from the Foundation Stage read, today from Dormice and Robins. The children took turns to impress him with their skills and he was thrilled to reward their efforts with some of his special stickers.

After school Mrs Cockett hosted another ‘Craft Club’ for KS2 children whilst Mrs Critoph and Mrs Marshall hosted ‘Science Club’ for Foundation Stage and KS1 children. Out on the playground Mr Smith hosted ‘Tennis Club’ where the children enjoyed several exciting rallies!