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Quiz Masters, Lifeboats, Library & Plague!

sci quiz 2

It was a busy and fantastic start to a new week at Earls Hall today! The day saw a group of children accompany Mrs Matteucci and Mr Smith in order to represent the school at this years ‘National Science Quiz’ finals held at Oxford University Museum of Natural History. The team were one of twelve teams of finalists from across the whole of England and had to work as a group in order to answer a range of extremely tricky scientific questions. It was a great day and the children behaved impeccably throughout the competition, coming a very respectable eight place overall.  Well done children, we are proud of you!

Meanwhile, the start of the day at school saw the children in both assemblies visited by Mr Alan Broughton who came to tell them all about the work of the RNLI. Alan talked to the children about how to stay safe when near and in water before explaining about the work of the lifeboats and their crews. Alan explained that the volunteers who work in the team have to get ready very quickly when responding to an emergency call and challenged Mr B, Mrs Critoph and Mr Cann to don their outfits within forty five seconds! It was a really interesting assembly, thank you to Alan for giving us your time.

The morning saw the children in Kestrels and half of Kites take  part in a trip to the Forum library in Southend. At the library Toby, who works there, told the children about the layout of the children’s library and helped them search for books using their reference system. They listened to a story, browsed the various titles and completed a quiz. It was a really enjoyable morning. Thank you to Toby for hosting.

Meanwhile, in Year Two, the children were shocked to enter their classes to find their teachers covered in spots and not looking at all well! It turned out that the teachers were showing symptoms of the Great Plague which resulted in the children looking at how easily germs can be spread and how this linked to the ‘Great Plague’. They looked at how the people at the time of the plague became infected and what the signs and symptoms were, such as the red buboes spots, itching, coughing, sneezing etc. The children then took part in an activity with a jam doughnut which had custard put into it, representing a buboe swelling, and looked like and what happened when people popped these to try and get rid of them!

In the afternoon the school was visited by Mrs Crouch who will be joining us as our new Deputy Headteacher alongside Mrs Critoph after the Easter holidays. Mrs Crocuh met with Mr B to talk through planned school improvements and also spent time with Mrs Critoph and Miss Ellacott before visiting several classes.

After school our latest ‘Reptile Club’ saw the children investigate the habits, habitats and diets of several different varieties of frogs. The children handled the creatures carefully with some jumping all over the tables!