Earls Hall Primary School

Carlton Avenue, Westcliff on Sea, Essex. SS0 0QN

Telephone: 01702 333360


Hands, Hunting & Horticulture!

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It was a busy start to the week at Earls Hall. The morning began with the children in the KS1 assembly focusing on kind hands. The children worked together to identify all of the kind things which could be achieved with hands: from practical activities to symbols and signs created with fingers. Mr B helped the children think of ways in which hands could be used in ways which are not acceptable in school and every pupil agreed that they would not be seen in school.

Later in the day, the children in the Foundation Stage enjoyed taking part in a scavenger hunt as part of their second ‘Forest Friends’ session. The children were challenged by Miss Chandler to search the woods to locate and retrieve a series of natural objects, allowing them to show their ability to follow instructions outside whilst also exploring each and every part of the outdoor area.

Whilst Mrs Cox was supported by groups of children to clean the goat enclosure, Mr B was joined by a group of children from Oaks to plant up the plant boxes which were recently positioned by their classroom door. The children helped him dig holes, teased out roots and planted them as a team to create a much greener welcome for the children each morning.

Meanwhile, out on the playground, the children in 6M developed their hockey skills whilst, inside, the children in Beech investigated which materials acted as insulators.