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Anti-Bullying & BFG!

by 7

There was a theme of anti-bullying in school today as both of our assemblies focused on the various ways bullying can manifest itself as in and out of school. Mr B talked to the children about physical bullying as well as verbal abuse, isolation and cyber bullying. The children talked about what they would do if they saw any behaviours which concerned them including talking to an adult or using the anti-bullying box located outside Mr B’s office to bring any problem to his attention- anonymously if needed. At the end of each assembly the children agreed to support anti-bullying symbolically by each tying a blue ribbon to the anti-bullying tree on the playground which will again act as a visual reminder of the fact that they have all agreed not to be a bully or to allow bullying to happen without voicing their concern.

Later in the morning, the children in Year Three used their Maths lesson to calculate subtraction problems by adding on using a numberline. Later in the day the children used an excerpt from ‘The BFG’ to identify nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs- both as individuals and with their learning partners for the week.

In the afternoon the children from Kestrels enjoyed a fun hockey lesson on the playground whilst the children from Elm developed their football skills on the field.

It was a special day for the lovely Mrs Cox, our farm teaching assistant, as she celebrated her 65th birthday. Mrs Cox was presented with flowers but also had the excitement of the fact that Mr Gheorge and Mr town put the finishing touches to a brand new duck house: one which the ducks can all comfortably snuggle up in together as the nights get colder. Happy Birthday Mrs Cox!

After school children from KS1 enjoyed a fun ‘Story Construction Club’ whilst children in KS2 took part in the latest ‘Reptile Club’ where they had the chance to learn about and handle milk and corn snakes.