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A ‘Cracking’ Day!

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The whole school was a hive of activity today as preparations for tomorrows exciting carnival themed ‘Economic Wellbeing Fair’ continued right across the school. Throughout the day children in each and every class were busy creating and decorating their stalls ready for the fair, adorning them with bright and attractive coloured garments. Children from each key stage created jingles in order to tempt people to their stalls and visited each others classes in order to sing and perform them. Some even decided to spread their message even further by performing to the parents at the end of the school day! The corridors of the school became laden with posters advertising each attraction and by the end of the day the excitement levels had reached an all time high!

Meanwhile, Mabel the puppy was in school  again and spent the day being visited by children from across the school. As our puppy has been attending training school of an evening, today saw her take her first walk on a lead with a group of children. The children were chosen from Woodpeckers, having earned lots of tallies for positive behaviour, and they took turns to hold the lead out on the field with Mr B. The children had to be careful not to excite Mabel too much, so that she would not pull on the lead, and generally acted calmly and praised her when she did well. It was a great first walk with fantastic role models. Well done children, we are proud of you!

Down in the Foundation Stage classrooms the sense of anticipation was at an all time high as the children spotted cracks in the duck eggs! Throughout the day they took turns to observe the cracks growing larger as the ducklings began to hatch. The first duckling said hello to the world after school had closed for the day but the teachers were on hand to film the momentous occasion so that the children can watch it tomorrow!

In the afternoon Mr B presented a group of children from Year six with the third and final round of prefect badges. The children will be prefects specifically responsible for supporting the younger children with their transition to their new year groups and classes and had a meeting with Mr B in order to discuss their roles. Well done children, we are proud of you.

In the afternoon the downstairs hall played host to another transition meeting-today for parents of children entering Year Four in September. Mrs Linfield, who will lead the year group, talked the parents through the year ahead before there was a chance for the teachers to meet them over a cup of tea.

After school the upstairs hall was full of proud parents and other family members watching the end of year ‘Steps Ahead’ showcase extravaganza! The children who attend the performing arts group performed a fantastic version of ‘Alice in Wonderland’; singing, dancing and acting their way through the story beautifully. Well done children, we are proud of you!

Away from school, Mr Smith and Mrs Ludlam accompanied another group of children to the second day of the Southend ‘Super Sports’ competition. The children competed against the top talent from across the borough and performed brilliantly. Evie came third in long jump, Troy came second in rounders ball throw with James coming third. Isla, Sienna, Riley, Elinam and Joe all competed well- coming inside the top eight. Emily came first in shot put, Katie came first in ball throw and Alex came first in javelin. A magnificent result! Well done to all of the children who took part,we are proud of you!