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Mysterious Letters!

mon 8

It was an exciting morning for the children in the Foundation Stage and KS1 today.Mrs Critoph was called to the office by Mrs Russell who was in a muddle with some envelopes she had found in the post. The envelopes were simply addressed to year groups but she had no idea who they were from! Mrs Critoph took the envelopes into assembly and the children discussed what to do with them. In the end they decided unanimously to open them and Mrs Critoph chose a child from each year group to do so. Inside each envelopes were problems which needed to be solved so the children looked at each problem in turn and thought about people that they knew who might be able to help them.  It was a mysterious start to the week which will see lots of learning develop over time!

Meanwhile the children in Year Six took part in reading comprehension activities about their class text, ‘The Silver Sword’ whilst the children in Year Five edited pieces of their writing about their text, The Chinese Cinderella. In the Hedgehogs the children showed an interest in glasses and decided to make their own frames by independently twisting pipe cleaners.