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Hands on Science!

ler 27

The school was a hive of activity today as the children took part in a range of hands on, practical activities!

The children in Hawks took part in a fun Science lesson which saw them testing how the surface material affects how far a vehicle will travel.  The children made predictions about how far each car would travel and then recorded the results once tested.  In Elm class the children took part in a particularly smelly and squelchy lesson where they were investigating the human digestion process. The children worked in groups in order to investigate what happens in our intestines by mashing up biscuit, banana, orange juice and water and passing it through the intestine of a pair of tights before finally squeezing it through a hole in a cup.  Some children said it was the most ‘gross’ thing they had ever seen whilst others thought it was the ‘best lesson ever’!

In Year Six the children were practising their ball control skills by bouncing the ball, alternating between hands and then attempting to knock their friends balls away.  This was a warm to the main lesson where they were learning how to play netball.  In Sycamore the children were watching a video about algae and discussing what they had found out about non-flowering plants before the next lesson where they move on to finding out about flowering plants.  In 6MC  the children were learning about prejudice, persecution and bullying when studying the holocaust.

Meanwhile, away from school, Mrs Town accompanied our Year Five/Six netball team as they were representing the school at the Southend inter-schools tournament. The team played well and made it through to the ‘Super 10’. Well done to all the children who represented the school, we are proud of you.

At the end of the afternoon, Mr B was thrilled to reward some of the children from the Foundation Stage with his special stickers for their wonderful writing before he ended the day on a high by listening to children read beautifully, today from Rabbits.