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The ‘Not Yet’ Yeti!

two 8

The second day of term saw the whole of Earls Hall continue to learn about how to adopt a growth mindset and today saw the children and staff explore the power of saying ‘I can’t yet’ rather than ‘I can’t’.

In the morning assemblies all of the children were introduced to a giant friendly yeti; a symbol of the power of ‘can’t yet’. Mrs C and Mrs Crouch explained to the children that saying ‘I can’t yet’ empowered them to not give up on trying something new and instead encouraged them to tackle new challenges. In the KS1 assembly Mrs C demonstrated to the children how she found hula-hooping a challenge but rather than giving up and saying ‘I can’t do it’ she had decided to say ‘I can’t do it yet’. Mrs Crouch demonstrated the same attitude in the KS2 assembly where she shared the fact that she struggled as a juggler but was determined to get better at it by saying ‘I can’t do it yet’. Both ladies agreed to persevere with their activities over time and update the children on their progress in future assemblies.Some of the children volunteered to share some activities which they found challenging in school and agreed to say ‘I can’t do it yet’ rather than give up at the first hurdle.

At the end of the assemblies the children all agreed to adopt the ‘can’t do it yet’ approach and as a symbol of their commitment agreed to tie a length of hair onto the yeti which, once he is displayed in school, will be a visual reminder of the fact that they have vowed to keep trying.

Meanwhile, outside in the goat enclosure, more classes took turns to be introduced to our new four legged friends. Mrs Cox and Mrs Timpson, who will support groups of children every day to look after the animals, explained what jobs need to be completed in order to keep the animals healthy whilst also demonstrating how to show the goats kindness. There was also an opportunity for more classes to visit the duck and chicken enclosure.

There was more animal magic in school as Mabel joined Mr B in order to listen to a group of children read outside. The children from Squirrels read beautifully and both Mr B and Mabel were very proud of them. Later, in his office, Mr B introduced a group of children from Woodpeckers to George the tortoise who has been recently gifted to the school.

At the end of the day Mrs Bowden was surprised by a number of her colleagues with flowers as she celebrated twenty five glorious years as a teacher at Earls Hall! Congratulations Mrs Bowden, here’s to the next twenty five!