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Stone Age & Dino Fun!

stone gang

It was an exciting day for the children in Year Three as they ventured back in time to the Stone Age where they took part in lots of thrilling activities. They met Memma and Twig who, having invited them into their cave, taught them lots about how people from the time made weapons out of flint and clothes out of animal skins. They cooked over a fire which they lit and a great time was had by all. Back inside the children made necklaces out of clay and created their own caves out of covered tables which they decorated with cave art. Finally they played an interactive game about Skara Brae.

Meanwhile, back inside, there was more time travel on display as the children from the Foundation Stage and KS1 gathered in the hall for a special assembly. Mr B introduced the children to an adventure that the teachers had been on where they used his TARDIS time machine to travel back to the time of the dinosaurs! The children were treated to a picture story of the teachers riding long necked dinosaurs and catching a lift of flying beasts as well as running scared from a gigantic T-Rex! It was revealed that the crew had accidentally brought back an egg of some sort to the present day which caused further investigative work back in the classroom.

In EYFS the children began painting pictures of what they thought may be inside the egg.¬† Dormice painted dinosaurs and Hedgehogs painted Owls whilst some children were playing with dinosaurs in the sand. In Owls children were finding facts and technical words inside fact books about dinosaurs whilst in Rabbits children were making their own dinosaurs.They were making pterodactyls, tyrannosaurus¬†Rex’s and Diplodocus’.¬† There was even the opportunity to make dinosaur Top Trump cards!

At the end of the afternoon, whilst the children in Elm investigated electrical circuits, Mr B was thrilled to listen to some readers from Dormice. Well done children, Mr B was proud of you!