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Sewing & Sawing!

tue 7

The school was a hive of activity today as the children took part in science experiments and design technology lessons.

The children in Year Two have been reading the book ‘Paper Bag Princess’ and today were challenged to try and find an alternative material for her to wear that would be waterproof in rainy weather. The children studied a range of materials, including cloth, cling film, tin foil and cardboard. They predicted which ones they thought would be the most waterproof and then tested their theories by placing the materials over a beaker and dropping water on them to see which allowed the most water through.

At lunchtime a range of teachers enjoyed a roast dinner with the children over in the newly renamed ‘Woodland Diner’ where children who demonstrated excellent manners were chosen to sit at the centre table. Well done to the children identified today, we are proud of you.

In the afternoon the children in 6J continued to study Kensukes Kingdom and began making their own wooden shelters. They worked in pairs to measure and cut wood in centimetres in order to construct their shelters. Meanwhile the children in Aspen worked with Mr Smith on the playground in order to develop their hockey skills.  In the central learning area by the office, Mr B enjoyed a game of ‘Follow’ with James from Year Six. James taught Mr B how to play the board game which was designed by his Dad. Well done James for showing such patience with Mr B!