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Personal Bests!

fri 5

It was a busy end to the first week back at school on Friday. The morning assemblies in both key stages focused on how to improve on personal bests by trying again and again.

Mr B talked about his love of drawing but explained that he had tried hard to develop his skills over time, not always getting it right on every occasion but improving over the years. He demonstrated how his drawings of rabbits had changed and improved since he was a child and shared the various stages of development that they had gone through. He explained that in order to improve he needed to try and add detail every time and take on board the work of more experienced artists as he went along. One of the important messages of the assemblies was that it didn’t matter if other people seemed to be better at drawing as he progressed provided that he beat his own personal best over time.

Meanwhile, more and more children tied ribbons onto the giant yeti as a symbol their commitment to adopting the ‘I can’t yet’ approach to learning whilst classes continued to visit the animals in their enclosures.