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Learning Ambassadors!

monday 39

It was an exciting start to a new week at Earls Hall as we chose the first of our new Learning Ambassadors. Each class will have a Learning Ambassador each week whose responsibility it is to share the learning taking place in their class to visitors, wearing a shiny badge to identify them. Every child in Years One to Six will have the opportunity to take on the role, ensuring that everyone gets the chance to shine. Mr B showed round a group of prospective parents this morning which gave some of the children the chance to test out the skills needed to undertake their new role.

In the KS1 assembly Mr B used the time to talk to the children about how small kind acts can make a positive impact on someones day. He reminded the children about how to use the ‘Friendship Bench’; a bench on the playground where children sit at playtime if they find they have nobody to play with. If a child sees someone sitting on the bench they were reminded that they need to ask them if they want to play with them so that everyone has an enjoyable playtime.

In the KS2 assembly Mrs Ludlam talked to the children about the importance of charitable acts. The children discussed how they support various charities, both as individuals and as a school, before hearing about how one of our pupils, Amelia, has been busy fundraising to raise money for cancer research. They heard how firstly Amelia had undertaken a sponsored walk and is now set to run a sale tomorrow at playtime to raise further funds.

As the morning progressed, the children in the Foundation Stage ventured into the ‘Forest Friends’ area for the first time and used the sessions to get to know the area and learn the rules of the woods. They explored every inch of the forest and talked bout how to stay safe when working in the area.  The morning also saw the children take part in a library session where they browsed the books and sat down and enjoyed them for pleasure.

Over in the hen house, Mrs Townsend was accompanied by a group of children from Foxes who helped her to clean out the coup, collect the eggs and enjoy a cuddle with our feathered friends.

Out on the playground, the children from Oaks took part in their first Bikeability session of the week. They developed their ability to cycle on the playground and found out how to check that their bicycles were safe to ride.

In the afternoon Mrs Mellish and Miss Chandler took a group of children to the beach for the second session of our new ‘Coastal Schools’ initiative. They scavenged for natural objects and identified them before using some to create works of art. They made sandcastles and looked at the difference between sand when wet and dry.

Upstairs in the hall Mrs Creak worked with a group of children following up last weeks ‘Shaskespeare Schools’ session at the Palace Theatre. the children worked together to act out scene one from Romeo and Juliet beautifully.

Meanwhile, in Year Two, the children continued to ficus on castles and made their own out of paper, complete with a working drawbridge!