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Bad cook Badcock!

cook bad

It was a chaotic start to the morning in Mr B’s new kitchen! The morning started with Mr B explaining to the children in the Foundation Stage and KS1 assembly that he had decided to try his hand at being a top chef. He explained that he had not put much preparation or thought into how to run his restaurant but had decided to give it a go all the same. Mrs Draycott was chosen to be his waitress and, before long, Mr Geach had shown up as his very first customer. Mr B’s lack of preparation or thought proved to be his downfall as chaos erupted in the kitchen every time he tried to prepare a meal. Mrs Draycott’s lack of training as a waitress proved to be a disaster as she kept tripping and sliding over which resulted in poor Mr Geach being covered from head to toe in his choices off the menu! At the end of the assembly Mr B decided that he was not made to be a cook and asked the children for help instead. He challenged them to create their own healthy recipes by researching and designing them and the children excitedly accepted!

Back in class the children started their challenge which will continue throughout the week.

In the afternoon the downstairs hall played host to a ‘Tea with Teacher’ session where parents had the opportunity to introduce themselves to our new Deputy Headteacher; Mrs Crouch. Mrs Crouch will work alongside our other Deputy Head, Mrs Critoph, and was delighted to chat with the parents. thanks to everyone who came along.

After school our new After School Club’ arrangements continued to develop with the children enjoying more and more age appropriate activities.