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Super Synagogue!


The children in both Key Stage assemblies welcomed a special guest into school today as David Pierce from St Peters Church came to see us again. David was dressed in traditional morris dancer clothing and explained to the children all about the traditions of May Day. David showed the children pictures of how fields were plowed in the past compared to today and explained about the role the morris dancers played in helping the farmers believe their crops would be good ones due to their dancing. The assembly was a fun one as usual. Thank you to David for coming to see us again.

Meanwhile, the children in our Year Four classes ventured out of school in order to visit the local Synagogue. After walking the journey to the Synagogue the children were met by Mr Greenstein who showed them the various parts of the building and explained their significance and how they are used as part of Jewish worship. He showed them the Torah scrolls and the Arc and explained how Jewish people use the building as part of their everyday practice. Thank you to everyone who helped the children at the Synagogue for once again making us feel so welcome.

Back in school the children in Rabbits went on a material hunt after hearing that Pirates had stolen all the various materials, such as metal and wood, and hidden them around the school for the children to find.

At the end of the afternoon the downstairs hall was full of proud parents and other family members who had come along to share in the fun of our last ‘Attendance Assembly’ of the week. Mr B presented the children with an attendance of over 95% in the Spring term with certificates and their pictures were diplayed alongside music on a powerpoint on the big screen. Well done to all of the children involved in the assembly, keep up the good work!