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Little Ones at the Library!

Too 1

It was another busy day at Earls Hall which saw the children from our Foundation Stage classes venture out of school in order to visit ‘The Forum’ library in Southend. At the library the children were met by Toby, who works at the library, who told them how the library worked and was organised. Toby shared a range of big books, fiction and non-fiction titles and then read the children a story complete with actions. The children were then challenged to match picture cards to relevant books before they took the opportunity to explore the wide range of books available to browse through. It was a fun session which all the children enjoyed. Thanks to Toby for his time and to all of the parent helpers who came along to join in with the fun.

Back in school, Mrs Matteucci delivered an assembly for the children in KS2 which focused on perseverance. The assembly started with Ethan playing the piano which resulted in a discussion about how he must have persevered in order to achieve his grade three status.  Then Mrs Matteucci then read the children the story  of ‘The frog who fell into the cream  and churned it into butter’ which saw the frog churn butter by continuing to swim whilst escaping. Some volunteers persevered themselves by shaking pots of double cream until it made butter throughout the whole assembly!  At the end of the assembly the children watched video clips of a boy who would not give up trying to reach his goal of doing a standing long jump and achieves his target in the end!


Meanwhile, the children in Year One worked outside to make boats out of twigs and other resources and testing to see if they would float in water trays whilst the children in Aspen classified varieties of trees and other plants outside in the school grounds. The children in Year Six were also having a fun time outside as they covered partners in Modroc in order to form the basis of their Tudor masks whilst the children in Foxes created the water backgrounds for their pirate pictures using paint and forks to create waves.

In the afternoon the children from Badgers had a lovely lesson over in the pool whilst, in the staffroom, our PTA committee met with Mr B in order to discuss recent fundraising activities and plan events for the term ahead. Thanks to everyone who gave their time in order to attend.