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Go with the Snow!

snow 20

It was a magical day at Earls Hall today as the whole site was covered with a fair amount of beautiful white snow! Children and staff made their way into school, showing resilience, and used the snow as an inspiration for learning.

The morning started with the children celebrating the talents of one of our Year Three children as she performed a self choreographed dance routine. Sasha only started going to dance lessons just over a month ago but confidently took to the stage and performed a dance to ‘Prima Donna Girl’, much to the delight of the rest of the children. Well done Sasha, we are proud of you.

After the KS2 assembly, the children took part in an extended playtime which saw them all go out onto the field to play in the masses of snow. The children made snow angels, snowmen and had snow ball fights (avoiding faces!) and a great time was had by all. Many of the children, especially those in the younger year groups, had never seen such huge amounts of snow so it was important that they had the opportunity to explore it in a fun way. The staff on duty joined in the fun and were often the target of dozens of snowballs!

Later in the morning the children in Year Two visited the nature garden and dug into the snow. Much to their surprise they found a large bone in the snow which they thought might be part of a much larger skeleton- perhaps a skeleton of a dinosaur! Back in class the children drew the skeletons of the dinosaurs they thought the bone may be a part of and then wrote a number of sentences which included similes to make a comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind to make their descriptions more vivid.

In the afternoon, Phil from the ‘Rock Steady’ workshop worked with more children in the downstairs hall to play new songs on the band instruments.

It was a great day and hopefully one which the children won’t forget in a hurry. Thank you to everyone for being such troopers and making it into school!